Profits, Payouts and Taxes

Seller Profits

As a seller you earn 80% of the product list price. The Learning Load absorbs the PayPal transaction costs associated with the purchase, calculates, collects and remits VAT to the buyers’ countries, where necessary.


Payments are made to your PayPal account on the first day of each calendar month. PayPal receiver fees are currently 2.9% + £0.30 for UK customers but may differ over time and across borders; for an overview of the fees for receiving a payment, log into your own PayPal account and click fees at the bottom of the page.


The sales taxes and VAT for digital products can differ depending on the region of the seller and the buyer. The Learning Load collects VAT and makes remittances on behalf of the seller where necessary. For VAT registered businesses buying from the The Learning Load, chargebacks can be made when a VAT number is provided. The payment of income tax is the responsibility of the seller; if you don’t know your income tax obligations as a seller you should seek advice from a qualified professional. More information about tax and digital downloads can be read here (VAT: Fastspring, US Income tax: Findlaw, UK Income tax: HMRC)

Author: The Learning Load Admin